Friday, April 9, 2010

Welding Excellence

Caterpillar recognized Watson Engineering’s Seven Steps of Welding Excellence (7SWE) program yesterday by presenting us with their 7SWE Award.

Watson Engineering’s "Zero-Defect" mentality is a prevailing core discipline and continues to be recognized by Caterpillar. As a Caterpillar core supplier, Watson Engineering continues to achieve high ratings as a Strategic, Collaborative, Preferred and Emerging vendor throughout various market sectors according to Caterpillar’s Global Purchasing Supplier Management Group.

Watson Engineering continues to drive initiatives that result in breakthrough quality improvements pertaining to NPI Projects, Cost Cutting Initiatives, and, Quick Turnaround Opportunities as evidenced by Watson Engineering’s latest Tier 4 Projects, etc…

In conjunction with Watson Engineering Inc. ITAR Registration as an approved U.S. military parts supplier, Watson expects to see significant growth in the company in the coming years

Additionally, Watson Engineering continues to be the only approved metal fabricator of its kind recognized and audited by The Western Carolina / Renewable Water resources authority as evidenced by an industrial pretreatment site inspection. Copies of inspection / audit data are available upon request.
Watson Engineering’s Piedmont facility became a Caterpillar Certified supplier within seven months. Additionally, Watson Engineering’s Piedmont facility has successfully completed Caterpillar’s Seven Steps of Welding Excellence (7SWE) within ten months.

Caterpillar’s VP Global Purchasing has formally recognized Watson Engineering Piedmont’s achievements and as personally recognized in his Sept 2009 letter.

Watson Engineering as a whole continues to aggressively participate in Caterpillar’s initiative to remain one of their core suppliers, those that are categorized as Strategic, Collaborative, Preferred or Emerging according to definitions established by Caterpillar’s Global Purchasing Supplier Relation Management Group.

Watson Engineering continues to play an integral role in Caterpillar’s drive toward a "Zero-Defect" mentality.

As we collaboratively drive initiatives that result in breakthrough quality improvements, Caterpillar has promised to continue to recognize these achievements with renewed certification and increased business opportunities.

Currently, Watson Engineering is actively engaged with NPI products, Tier 4 projects, etc…

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